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Other industries and applications

The industry sectors listed on the left demonstrate the almost unlimited range of applications of our machines. Everywhere where rivets or eyelets are used as fasteners, functional components or design elements, we offer the corresponding technical solutions: Riveting machines, riveting systems and high performance riveting systems as well as eyeletting machines. And when it comes to paper drilling, you will find that we offer a broad spectrum of paper drilling machines and systems together with the corresponding drill bits. Naturally, all in superb quality, tailored to every requirement, in a variety of automation levels and for every company size and budget.

Solution sought – Hang found
Perhaps you too have a requirement that it has not been possible to fully resolve with the machines that you have utilised to date, or with the technical processes that you have applied. Perhaps rivets or eyelets are the right solution for your special requirements. Get in touch with us and let us talk it through with you. We will be delighted to advise you.