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Frequently Asked Questions

From an annual production of approx. 2 million binders or ring binders and upwards, a fully automatic line is economical.

On average, an operator-dependent hourly output of approx. 600 binders or ring binders is possible.

A line can be upgraded at any time. The additional modules are built by us in-house and installed and adapted to your existing line on site by our fitters. 

All commercially available ring mechanisms can be operated on any system. With lever mechanisms, different makes and dimensions are also possible, but the system can only be set up for a specific mechanical hole pattern. Each line can be adjusted manually or automatically to different formats. For lines with automatic adjustment, preset format ranges can even be selected automatically.

The lines can be changed over from ring binders to lever mechanisms or to different format ranges. The maximum changeover time for mechanics and format is 45 minutes. If only the mechanics are changed or only the format is changed, the changeover time is reduced accordingly. If the line is equipped with automatic adjustment, the changeover takes just a few minutes. 

Each line can be linked to an upstream or downstream system.

Many different materials can be processed on our lines and systems. File covers can be made of PP, PVC welded, cardboard with or without lamination, etc.