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Our used machines were checked and completely overhauled by our mechanics, wearing parts were replaced by original Hang parts if necessary. They are fully functional and ready for their new use.

Machines from Hang have been around for 150 years. Many machines and plants that are 30 years and older are still in service somewhere in the world today. Because the word has got around about the robustness and reliability of our products, there is now a flourishing secondary market for Hang machines, especially for our lever arch file and ring binder and assembly systems. In the past, for example, we were repeatedly asked to dismantle Hang machines in one country in order to reassemble them in another. The optimal solution for a customer, however, is when we bring an old, used machine or plant to us in Göppingen, completely overhaul it here and change wearing parts in order to put it back into operation after extensive testing. In order to offer this solution as well, we are expanding our activities in the used machinery business. You can find our current offers in the descriptions.

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