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Automatic eyeletting machine 162-24

For inserting hollow rivets, tubular rivets, press nuts, threaded nuts etc.

Suitable for casing parts, etc. With automatic, easily changeable supply Feed via swivelling channel (hanging channel) and holding pin Rivet stroke 68 mm Flat arm Working depth 350 mm Braking motor, cycle time 0.5 sec. Release of the rivet stroke via foot switch Moveable, frontal protective cage Release optionally with frontal finger guard and electric foot switch, alternatively with aiming device and foot lever or with 2-handed control
Automatic eyeletting machine 162-24
More options

Design for customer specific applications by request

Application of pre-riveting force on the workpiece through the rivet punch

Process monitoring - force-displacement measurement with indicator and evaluation device

Riveting force limiting to compensate for tolerances in the thickness of the workpieces (pressure compensation via disc springs)

Level control in the eyelet feed for fill level control

Eyelet feed with electromagnetic sorting unit

Technical Data

Working depth (projection) mm 350
Rivet cycle sek. 0,5
Special voltage optional
Electric part counter
Pressure compensation optional
Process monitoring optional
Release via foot switch, frontal protective cage
Release via foot lever, with sighting device optional
Release via 2-handed switch optional
Level monitoring in the rivet feed optional
Rivet feed via electromagnetic sorting unit optional
Rivet stroke mm 68
Flat arm
Reinforced flat arm optional
Riveting anvil variants for customer-specific applications optional
Collecting device for finished riveted parts optional
Working height mm 1100
Working height 850 mm optional
Special configuration for integration into production lines optional
Special configuration for customer-specific applications optional
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