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Frequently Asked Questions

The customer comes to us with an idea and details of the project (e.g. circulation, material, format etc.). Based on our many years of experience, we can help you select the right machine for your project. Drilling tests can also be carried out on existing machines for the customer with their products in order to check feasibility and quality.

For the drilling machines, the suitable paper drill can be individually selected from our stock of more than 800 different paper drills, depending on the drilling project. The precision paper drill bits are produced from high quality steel and guarantee a high durability and a long service life. Different diameters (2-35mm), lengths (25-150mm) and coatings ensure optimum results when drilling paper, cardboard, plastics, foils or rubber. We will be happy to advise you which drills are right for your project.

Blunt paper drills do not have to be disposed of. With the help of our drill sharpener model 148, paper drills can regain their old sharpness and achieve precise drilling results again. Depending on the material and the duration of use, drills must be resharpened regularly as soon as the drilling result is no longer satisfactory. More information about the drill sharpener can be found here.

If the drill is too hot, the adjustable parameters such as drill speed and drill feed rate are often set incorrectly and not matched to the product, or an unsuitable paper drill was selected. We will be pleased to assist you with setting up your machine correctly or selecting a more suitable paper drill. Regular drilling through wax paper is also helpful. Incidentally: All our paper drilling machines can be equipped with a cooling and lubrication device.