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Double eyeletting machine 87-05

With the further model triple eyeletting machine 87-03

Eyelet offset adjustable by means of hand wheel from 30 - 320 mm
Eyelet offset adjustable by handwheel
- smallest distance between right and middle eyelet head 50 mm
- smallest distance between left and middle eye head 70 mm
- greatest distance between the two outer heads 320 mm
Working depth 240 mm (with foot switch)
Working depth 300 mm (3-point release with micro switch)
Suitable for contracts, policies, multi-sheet form sets, loose-leaf binders etc. With self-punching eyelets: up to 30 sheets with 80 g/m2 paper With pre-punched material: up to approx. 50 sheets For medium series/batches With automatic, easily changeable eyelet feeding Available for eyelets with inner diameters of 3 - 8 mm Feed table with adjustable rear and side stops Release via 3-point release in rear and side stops or release via foot switch Braking motor Electric part counter
87-05 / 87-03
Double eyeletting machine 87-05
More options

Rear stop and left and right side stops for selectable placement against left or right side stop

Angle stop 90° with integrated 2-point release

Release of the rivet stroke via 2-handed switch

Suction device for eyelet waste

Additional punching at an offset of 10 mm from eyelet

Riveting tool with sprung rivet pins for pre-punched material

Smaller or larger eyelet dimension by request (1.5 to 10 mm inner diameter)

Pressure adjustment for different material thicknesses by means of handwheel and Siko display

For larger filling quantity enlarged eyelet containers

Level control in the eyelet feed for fill level control

Technical Data

Unit 87-05 87-03
Projection mm 320 320
Release via foot switch mm 300 300
Release via 3-point switch mm 240 240
Working height mm 900
Cycle time/capacity Sek. 0,5 0,5
Width mm 1200
Depth mm 900
Height mm 1450
Net weight kg 420
Gross weight kg 480
Cycle time Sek. 0,5 0,5

Use cases

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