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Fully-automatic riveting machine 192-00

For inserting rivets with counter plates or record caps

  • Sturdy welded design
  • Automatic rivet feed to upper tool with motor-driven, rotating sorting container
  • Automatic feed of rivet plates or record caps to lower tool with motor-driven, rotating sorting container
  • Rivet pressing adjustable by height adjustment of lower punch
  • Drive with brake motor
  • Working depth 240 mm
  • Release with aiming device and foot lever
  • Electric piece counter
Fully-automatic riveting machine 192-00
More options

Riveting force limiting to compensate for tolerances in the thickness of the workpieces (pressure compensation via disc springs)

Level control in the rivet feed for fill level control

Rivet feed with electromagnetic sorting unit

Release with frontal finger guard and foot switch

Release via 2-handed switch

Laser pointer

Technical Data

Riveting force kN 16
Rivet stroke mm 55
Working height mm 900 / 1100
Cycle time Sek. 1
Working depth mm 240

Use cases

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