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Frequently Asked Questions

The customer comes to us with an idea and details of the project (e.g. circulation, material, format etc.). Based on our many years of experience, we can help you select the right machine for your project. Eyeletting tests can also be carried out on existing machines for the customer with their products in order to check feasibility and quality.

If our customers are not sure which type of eyelet to choose, we can help them. Through our experience we know the advantages and disadvantages of the different eyelet joints, e.g. self-piercing or pre-pierced, and can make recommendations. If the right type of eyelet and joint has been chosen, we are also happy to help you with its design with regard to dimensions and material/surface.

For the eyeletting machines, the appropriate eyelet can be individually selected from our portfolio, depending on the eyeletting project. Our portfolio includes eyelets of various types, dimensions and materials. We will gladly provide you with a non-binding quotation.