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Creasing machine 448-00

with frequency-controlled 3-phase motor drive for the creasing tools.

Automatic lever arch file cover feed from stack magazine Creasing in 2 separate adjustable stations. Each cold grooving tool is individually driven by a brake motor with frequency converter. The motors only work if covers are available. The pressure and shape of the grooving tool can be adjusted using scaled indicators, suitable for different material thicknesses. Adjustment of the rear width of the cover via handwheels and scales Adjustable groove width
Creasing machine 448-00

Technical Data

Cover heights mm 160 - 350
Cover width mm 320 - 760
Useful distance: mm 0 - 90
Crease widths: mm 3 - 12
Material thickness: mm 1 - 3,5
Max. capacity Takte/min 50

Use cases

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