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Automatic riveting machine 105-15

For medium to large series
Suitable for solid and semi-tubular rivets
Area of application: Gutter brackets, snow guards, handles/grips on cookware
Rivet feed from below Feed with rivet shaft upwards
The rivet acts simultaneously as centring assistance when positioning the workpiece
Braking motor
For the simultaneous insertion of two rivets at a fixed rivet pitch, we supply the double rivet version 105-40.
Automatic riveting machine 105-15
More options

Frontal finger guard

Release via foot switch

Level control in the feed for fill level control

Technical Data

Riveting force kN 60
Reinforced flat arm
Release via foot switch, frontal protective cage optional
Release via foot lever, sighting device
Cycle time sek. 0,5
Working height mm 920
Working depth mm 150
Weight kg 410
Dimensions (WxHxD) mm 700 x 1800 x 800

Use cases

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